5 thoughts on “Working on the interior”

  1. Harrison s I am making guidelines to build strongholds.

    Dungeon World is a great game that provides characters tons of fantastic adventures, treasures, and coin, but one thing it seems to be lacking is ways to spend that hard earned coin. Granted, if you have over a million coins to spare you might as well buy a grand castle, but, what does owning a castle entails? You can assume that is fortified and you might need to hire guards to keep it safe but how does that impact the settlements around you? What if you want to have an alchemist’s lab that can craft potions for you? Or barracks to train your hirelings?

    Hopefully what i am making will help players and gms answer those questions.

  2. Sounds very cool. Will you also be covering things like setting up class-specific things like thieves guilds, magic academies, temples to your gods, bardic colleges etc? Or perhaps other businesses, such as owning your own tavern or inn.

  3. Robert Rendell So far i am concentrating on strongholds (although the topics you mention are quite interesting and may require their own supplement). It will be a small pdf, not more than 30 pages I believe. Depending on how it goes then I might expand.

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