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  1. Since I’m getting so much flak for posting a mechanically oriented Racial Move, here’s a location move I have for my current campaign. The Church of the Meager is a religion whose focus is self-sacrifice, to the point of self-flagellation.

    Church of the Meager

    When you seek cleansing at the Church, you are loaned an implement of self-flagellation (describe it) and allowed to spend the night in a purity cell. Roll +CON. On a 10+ select 1 boon. On a 7-9 select 1 boon and 1 consequence.


    • You are overcome with zeal, mark XP for each person you convert to the Church for the remainder of the session.

    • You experience a vision of something relevant to the current situation.

    • You are hardened by the experience, +1 CON for the remainder of the session.


    • You are compelled to shed yourself of more material goods, and make a substantial donation to the Church.

    • You left many visible marks, take the Scarred debility.

    • You take a vow of sacrifice, and refuse to gain any material possessions or treasure for the remainder of the session.

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