What’s the players goal in Dungeon World?

What’s the players goal in Dungeon World?

What’s the players goal in Dungeon World?

I’m going to say that the GM principles and agenda are essentially a conversational guide, it is the goal of the GM.

Would it be wrong to assume that there is a hidden, or non explicit set of principles and agendas for characters? (I’m making a distinction here, we’re all players, but some are characters and others and GMs)

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  1. Yes, I think there’s a goal in seeking adventure beyond that. As a silly example, Dungeon World’s sweet spot isn’t about going to strange new places and setting up muffin shops, and I think players do have a responsibility in helping keep the game in its sweet spot. (You can of course do anything in any game, etc. etc.)

  2. From the First Session chapter, “Getting Started:”

    You should also set expectations: the players are to play their characters as people—skilled adventurers delving into dangerous places, but real people.

    I’m not sure that’s all of it, but I think it’s a good start.

  3. Michael Prescott Ah right, I see what you mean. Play to find out encompasses a large swathe of RPGing objects.

    So other elements help define dungeon world specifically, right? I’d venture that the GMs agenda, principles and moves help to push that the most currently. Although the end of session EXP should be helping as well.

    Not to diminish the value of the insight of course.

    If we were to draft up a players agenda, I imagine that it might end up quite similar to the GMs. Chase the adventure, play to find out what happens, portray a real person.

    Would you mind talking more about what you think the players responsibility is?

    Chris Stone-Bush Jeremy Strandberg 

    Good observation, I didn’t pick up on that in the rules. I also think I agree with you both. So perhaps not so hidden!

    I’d say your right though Jeremy, that it’s not all of it. Taking the example from above, play a real person is like an agenda, what are the principles that support that? And what moves can you make to bring it to the table.

    Monte Lin  I think answering questions honestly, and to steal some more of Vincent’s terminology, falls outside the bell curve of the games design. Helping each other is good practice though, the players version of be a fan.

    Nathan Roberts 

    It’s kind of an implicit fact of games though right?

  4. The various ways they get xp are a decent set of goals:

    -Take risks

    -Pursue intra-party character development

    -Fulfill your alignment

    -Learn new and important things about the world

    -Overcome notable monsters or enemies

    -Loot memorable treasure

  5. The PC’s goal is to be the protagonist. She needs to try to resolve her conflicts, both internal and external. She needs to be a real person that matters in the story.

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