I can’t stop thinking about Like a Ghost.

I can’t stop thinking about Like a Ghost.

I can’t stop thinking about Like a Ghost. It seems like it would solve the Thief’s problem of a lack of good “stealth” moves. It might even be able to obviate Backstab, if you add another option to it. How can we play with this move?

When you roll for another move that you want to perform in a clandestine manner, you may choose options equal to your DEX or less (but not fewer than none), and then tell the other players:

…how you draw attention elsewhere instead of to you.

…how you stay out of sight.

…that you remain silent.

…why you leave no trace behind.

On a 10+, all that you say is true. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one of your statements to be false, the others are true. On a miss, no guarantees.

3 thoughts on “I can’t stop thinking about Like a Ghost.”

  1. The only caution I have is that once ‘stealth’ becomes a move in the thief class. Trying to sneak around for other characters will be restricted or even lost to protect the niche and not intrude on the thief’s mojo.

  2. Rainforest Giant I think there is room in classes for moves that add more specificity to things any character class might do. Take “Bend Bars/Lift Gates” for example. It doesn’t mean that non-Fighters can’t try to destroy an inanimate obstacle, only that the Fighter has more control over the endeavor than other classes. The same could be said for this Stealth move.

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