Wamp (Solitary, Large)

Wamp (Solitary, Large)

Wamp (Solitary, Large)

Bite (d10 damage 1 piercing) 16 HP

Special Qualities: Silent , Darksight, Immune to disease, Drains Blood

A giant spider with webbed feet and the face of a bat; the eyeless Wamp is a terrible predator that haunts ruined cities.

Survivors of Wamp bite must roll+CON.

10+ indicates the victim is immune to Wamp Fever; now and forever.

7-9 means the player has a mild case of Wamp Fever and must take -1 on all rolls until the group next makes camp. Character is now immune to Wamp Fever.

6 or less and the player falls into a coma until any form of magical healing is given. If untreated an immature wamp will emerge from the character in a few days. (Last Breath roll required; if survived player now immune to Wamp Fever)

Instinct: Drains blood silently




Always Silent

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