What’s the best way to handle a planar campaign?

What’s the best way to handle a planar campaign?

What’s the best way to handle a planar campaign? Is there some sort of move, spell, vehicle or something for me to offer to my players to allow traveling from one reality to another?

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  1. That sounds entirely fictional. The moves would depend on what your fiction is.

    Can you expound on your idea more? Classic Planescape style would make traversing planes as simple as stepping through a door.

  2. If you just want a move, how about starting with the Wizard’s Ritual and going from there?

    But if you want a more fully-formed planar campaign setup, check out The Planach Codex which is a super cool inversion on planar campaigns — instead of PCs journeying to the planes, the planes themselves are journeying, being stolen and smashed together in a giant city for unknowable reasons.  http://www.jwalton.media/planarch-codex/

  3. Aaron Griffin​ I’m not very familiar with Planescape; I know of it, but not much more. A quick Google search tells me that it’s like the Manual of the Planes, so maybe it’s not far from what I’m thinking.

    You’re right, though; it is fictional. I suppose I could just simply state that the wardrobe leads into a strange wintry land, or whatever.

    John Aegard​ looking at the Planarch Codex now. This looks like precisely what I need! I’m not sure what I think about the city of Dis, as written, but I could easily adapt it into something else fun! Now I’m picturing something like Doctor Strange’s Sactum Sactorum. A planar nexus of sorts would definitely be needed.

  4. Scott Selvidge​ yeah, I was looking at that. That, and the Shadow Walk spell. The biggest issue I have with Shadow Walk, though, is how late in the game it’s introduced. Thanks!

  5. Just did a Dungeon World campaign based on this. I just had different planes be physical locations and portals between them.

  6. The best way is a giant elemental-powered golem-engine that uses leylines as train tracks and literally smashes holes into other universes.

    That’s my final answer.

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