11 thoughts on “Is there a second edition of DW under development for real?”

  1. I’m pretty sure Adam has said that he has no plans to work on a Dungeon World 2e.

    I can’t remember exactly where I saw that originally, but I’m vaguely remembering that it was in the context of updating DW in line with Vincent’s update to Apocalypse World.

  2. There’s a lot of support material being produced for dungeon world. Perilous wilds is one such product. Metzger has some excellent products out and magpie games has some quality dungeon world material too.

  3. I don’t think it needs any more editions, but I am so sure I heard one of them mention they wanted to update it with a few learnings…I will track it down when I can to add to this discussion.

  4. Too Soon for a 2nd ed.  We don’t need a new edition for every little change.  An Errata works just fine.  A New edition would be doing things in a new way, a re-working of the base system.  Not needed in this case, yet. 

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