17 thoughts on “Just wondered if anyone made Sex Moves for the standard classes?”

  1. Our group use them very frequently in some AW games. Not so much in others. It depends on the mix of characters and their relationships.

    Never thought about porting them to DW, as the genre doesn’t tend to include sexytimes. However, I think it’s really interesting to re-imagine them for DW, I think it would give a different flavor to the game. Or may also be interesting (judging by our current game) to try porting them to BitD.

  2. Something like: Paladin: After you have sex you may ask your partner one question which they have to answer truthfully. You also have to pray three hours for forgiveness while mortifying your flesh.

    Thief: After you have sex you may steal up to 3 objects from your partner.

    Mage: After you have sex you may obtain a hair or fingernail clipping from your partner that lets you cast a spell on them from any range.

  3. Pretty much what Gil says, just make the five or so moves you’ll need for your game. You could even discuss what happens with the players and just make your move then.

  4. Here’s my first two:


    Sex Move: Sexual Healing

    When you have sex with someone, you can heal one debility.


    Sex Move: Pillow Talk

    When you have sex with someone, you learn a secret of theirs revealed during intimacy.

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