Long shot, but!

Long shot, but!

Long shot, but!

— Any Dungeon Worlders living in/around Tokyo?

— Who are competent/good at Japanese? (like conversational, you don’t need to give a dissertation or do stage-level in-character acting)

I am working with some Japanese friends to play some single sessions of DW here and there over the next few weeks/months. The more the merrier. Hit me up if this is you!

(note: Feel free to get in touch with me if you just live in/around Tokyo as well and aren’t great at the Moonspeak, because I will later be doing some English sessions too!)

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  1. Ah, good opportunity to drop a reminder: I’m in Kanto for the long run, so if you (or anyone!) has an opportunity to roll through Tokyo, hit me up for sure! (I’ll do the same when I go through Kansai)

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