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  1. Chris Stone-Bush, both Volley and the GM uses up their resources. In fact, the Ranger in my campaign was rolling around on the floor trying to shake off some ghoul rats crawling on him, and his 7-9 Defy Danger resulted in him losing 1 ammo from his throwing knife bandoleer.

  2. We’re arguing preference here, which is never a good idea. Volley relies on the player to mark off an ammo. For things that come in large quantities, like a bundle of arrows, I’m fine with the abstraction to reduce bookkeeping. A bandolier of throwing knives would work the same way.

    I’m thinking that a bandolier of throwing knives that gives you 3 ammo would not be weight 0. I would make it weight 3; the same total as a bow and arrows that do the same thing.

  3. Nope. Let them expend a dagger when they would expend ammo, but keep the daggers as discrete objects. When they spend ammo in a volley, the dagger can be retrieved. If the target is badass enough, they can also retrieve the knife from their wound and throw it back.

  4. Throwing Daggers (Hand,Near 1Weight 3 AMMO) as stated in the Dashing Hero playbook.

    As far as I’m concerned Chris Stone-Bush  is right that it’s mostly a matter of preference, but the Dashing Hero playbook does set a good example of how to implement it. Addding tags and weight, but 3 weight is the same as scale mail. If they were carry the equivalent of 50 or 60 pounds of knives then yes they would have infinite throwing knives for all intents and purposes. Throwing knives (or darts or shuriken) don’t weigh THAT much, lol.

    The idea of AMMO can just as easily reflect the character re-collecting the knives at the end of combat and in the fiction those knives can still be “picked up and thrown back” just as easily as an arrow could be pulled out and jammed in an eyeball. They don’t poof out of existence because they are AMMO.

    But yes it’s mostly a matter of preference.

  5. I like differentiating the thief and his three daggers from someone using a bow and a whole quiver of arrows, and treating the three daggers as “you can volley three times, and then have to pick them up” does that in what I feel is an interesting way. This doesn’t even have to mean that the thief can’t choose “spend ammo” on volley, it just means that they run out of knives a lot more easily than someone carrying a quiver full of arrows runs out of arrows. The level of book keeping is essentially the same.

    I also agree that if someone WANTS to have a whole lot of knives, they can, but it should weigh more. But as it stands the default thief loadout is a character who CAN attack at range, but for whom it is not their primary means of attack. Using up a knife every time they volley enforces that effect.

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