Episode 11 of Discern Realities is out today.

Episode 11 of Discern Realities is out today.

Episode 11 of Discern Realities is out today. If you wish to participate in the ongoing magic item contest, you can paste the text of your entries into the comments here, or in the comments of the original post on The Gauntlet community.

There’s an extended AP on this one. Enjoy!

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Episode 11 of Discern Realities is out today! This episode has a slightly altered format to bring you an extended AP segment. Enjoy!

Thanks for the Golden Geek Nomination! (00:19)


Reminder About Magic Item Contest (01:13)

What Here is Not What it Appears to Be? (2:33)

Using Flags as a replacement for Bonds


What Here is Useful or Valuable to Me? (8:02)

Talebearer’s Map

What is About to Happen? (09:40)

Our ‘comic strip’ AP featuring the adventures of Ramshackle Crow.


One thought on “Episode 11 of Discern Realities is out today.”

  1. The Gloves of the Master Opener.

    When you wear these exquisite gloves of supple blue-dyed leather, your sense of touch is at least as good as it is without the gloves on, though they still provide some protection. When you take them off after having worn them for at least a few hours, you discover that you can still feel them when you are not wearing them. With reasonable amount of effort and concentration, you learn the trick of manipulating them, just as if they are your hands, even when they are out of your sight. This remote control becomes more difficult with distance; the limit seems to be about a mile. Also, they cannot do anything, lift anything, etc. that your own hands could not, and you have no sense other than touch. They will, however, levitate in the air when activated at the normal height of your hands (no higher than you can reach while standing on the ground). After exercising this mental link with the gloves, you will find they have a few quirks and sometimes act of their own accord. Their old master appears to have had a fondness for petting pretty things: jewels, works of art, attractive people…

    When you “wear” the gloves remotely, Roll+Cha. On a 10, the gloves respond perfectly to your commands. On a 7-9, the gloves are responsive, but they get distracted at a key moment and also act on an impulse of their own.

    (I chose charisma because control is essentially a matter of willpower and dealing with the personality of the gloves. A more mechanical approach would be to use Dex. A more “arcane” approach would be to use Int.)

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