Hey folks!

Hey folks!

Hey folks! Has anyone played much with steadings and is willing to tell me what was cool, worked, didn’t, ended up hacked?

They seem like a cool mechanic and I want to steal them for my AW game (where the hard holder is all about post-apoc geopolitics). I’ve run a lot of World games, including DW one-shots with dungeon starters, but not anything that used these rules.


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  1. That sounds interesting! What does “more involved” mean?

    I’m looking at it from the perspective of a GM whose PC is in charge of a steading (“hardhold” in AW). The Hardholder playbook covers running the PC’s hardhold in good depth; I’m looking for more stuff I can add GM side to add depth to the relations among and between the other settlements in the world.

  2. Oh, and Perilous Wilds doesn’t really expand the steading rules. It gives some resources for generating them randomly (and some fantastic guidelines for building out the world in general), but the steading stuff is all based on the core DW steading mechanics.

  3. To be honest i just use them as little words that give me interesting things to leap off from during play. So how does the oath with rich town affect things at the moment, what does the need for stone do for the town. Some of them won’t get used but some of them will create adventures. Basically it creates the fiction.

  4. I made up some new steading tags and a unique steadinga while back, if you wanted to check them out.

    Also there are classes and compendium classes (The Landed Gentry, if I recall) that deal with holding land but I personally have no experience with them so I’m not sure if they are what you are looking for, Might be a good place to start looking though.

    Here are the tags:


    New, New Tinkerton:


  5. Ray Otus yeah, #Stonetop  is my baby. Glad you like it.  It’s still a work in progress, but there should be some interesting news here in the next week or so…

  6. Those rules are cool. Maybe I’ll use or hack them for when PCs interact with holdings that aren’t the one they’re the hardholder of, to let the dice make some of the choices with the Fortunes mechanic.

  7. Also, in the Dirty Half Dozen game which has moved between D&D, Apocalypse World, Spirit of the Century, and another edition of D&D, with excursions into things like The Quiet Year, we’ve been using Dungeon World steadings combined with rules from Dragon Magazine #125 and some population modeling from “Medieval Demographics Made Easy”. So easy! We have spreadsheets. If you’re that kind of geek (and I am looking at you, Tom) you might like it: http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/demog.htm

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