25 thoughts on “Tomorrow, I’m running my first game of Dungeon World! Wish me luck!”

  1. Thanks! I don’t have much prep done, because the game seems to favor low prep. I’m not used to running games that way, so this should be interesting.

  2. I’ve had good results by dropping the characters into a the middle of the action and just saying “Go!” Then asking a bunch of questionsz scribbling down the answers, and then figuring things out later, after the session.

  3. Middle of an action scene can be fun, but even if you don’t want to go that far, there’s a lot of value in setting the scene at the door to a dungeon. Give them a place, something specific, with the assumption that they are all there together, and then ask why they’re there, and what they’re looking for, and what dangers they’ve heard about, and all that other good stuff.

    Personal preference: don’t do bonds right away.  Have them introduce themselves, figure out why they’re there and what’s going on, and then have them fill in bonds if they apply. Leave the others blank, and encourage them to fill in/make up bonds as play occurs (usually when they want to Aid/Interfere, or at end of session).  

    One of my more recent new groups has gotten off to a rocky start because they went around and did all their bonds, and then I just asked the ranger “where are you guys?” and got some nebulousness like “a big city” and we ended up having to figure out this ridiculous web of why everyone was there and why these characters who had no good reason to be together were out doing something adventurous in the same place, and… ugh.  

  4. I’m thinking of starting them off with a dingus hunt. There’s a thief, and thieves like dinguses, so I figured I’d work out more through questions. The party consists of a thief, ranger, wizard, and either a cleric or a druid, so I think I should be able to come up with something. I’m thinking the dingus is somehow valuable to a cult. Maybe the cult is camped out in the woods or something. I dunno, we’ll see. Play to find out, right?

  5. Well, the cleric/druid player hasn’t gotten back to me on if he and the wizard player are coming, and the thief, who’s providing transportation for the ranger, isn’t interested in a two player game. This might just not happen today.

  6. Yeah, that shit is the worst. I once planned a game night with some old friends for a month before the guy hosting said “oh wait it’s Halloween weekend? I can’t” the day before.

  7. It happens. Just gotta keep working at it.

    I recently happened to run into an old friend who I’ve been out of touch with for years, so this gives me some time to invite her to the game, too.

  8. I recently started a group as prisoners in a remote dungeon. They already knew eachother and offered them a base job in exchange for freedom. Lots of questions of how and why they were there. They agreed but they very well could have attempted an escape or to abandon the mission once they were free, albeit without their writs of freedom.

    So far they are staying on track >.>

  9. Side Wynder​ a couple months back, I was thinking of running a dungeon crawl just like that. I was thinking along the lines of having them like a suicide squad.

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