What are some good questions to ask to build up the next adventure for a party?

What are some good questions to ask to build up the next adventure for a party?

What are some good questions to ask to build up the next adventure for a party?

Last session, the group defeated a fledgling druid organization bent on nature taking back that which has been ‘civilized’. (You know, the worst parts of PETA and Greenpeace if they had magic and advocated for plant-life, too.) They can return to town, where they’ll get a reward. They can visit some other cities where they might or might not have family. They could further explore the swamp they’re currently recovering in (where I loosely planned some other stuff to explore). I think I want to ask questions similar to those I might ask during the first session.

Have you done this sort of thing? Any guidelines? Any questions that immediately pop to your mind?

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  1. What stuff were they excited about, what things did they latch on to, and what bits of their character backstory is interesting to you?

    Take those things and apply them to the world to figure out what the unknowns are. Start there for questions.

    But first and foremost, ask them what they plan to do, then put them there. If they want the reward, boop, they’re in town. If not, boop, they’re at the entrance to some tomb they stumbled upon. Ask questions to help frame the scene and the reason it exists.

  2. I would probably ask the players directly, referencing things that happened. It’s likely they didn’t explore a side area or had to pass up something one of them was intrigued by – ask about that. Depending on the group, you might be able to divide them, too, asking about stuff they might want to do without the other characters noticing.

    But yeah, I’d just run through the interesting loose ends from the session and see what people are into. You might also be able to just guess based on their actions in the session and surprise them, too.

  3. Yeah, ask some provactaive questions about the ‘defeated’ druid org, the players moves and bonds, the swamp they are in. Trigger some moves (particularly spout lore or discern) then frame hard and put them in the thick of it.

    Love letters are always a good way to ask stake questions (as a GM) that you want to see answered in play, and framing those scenes into a custom move or two.

  4. Sure! a couple from my last session that steal heavily from Apocalypse world:

    Dear Thaddeus (the Paladin),

    Since you came to Highridge all torn up by dead things, once bandaged and given succour, you’ve been asked to provide ‘security’ for the town. The Mayor:  ( Gamon / Calculus / Tawno) calls upon you to do some of his dirty work from time to time. He provides you with safe lodging and regular meals sometimes in the Great hall with his closest men or the visiting merchants and officials, a few of whom you know by name: Zindelo, Mirella, Darklis (Choose one as an ally – we will then determine their instinct and quirks).

    Since you’ve returned to the town from away, please roll+CON. On a 10+, choose 1 from the list. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a Miss? You choose one and I’ll choose one and Andanna will choose one.

    o    You’re wounded right? Too bad you don’t know any blacksmiths in town. Your Scale mail is rent and at -1 Armour after your

    o   You got a job you’ve got to take care of back in Highridge which will pay 100 Gold or a valuable artifact (choose one) you know will be useful. What is the job and who will it piss off? (No ideas?  Roll… ) It’s probably not something Lawful or tasteful.

    o   Somebody has slashed up this girl Ember with a knife and she won’t say who, why did she come to your door?

    o   ‘Saint’ Violca / Amari / Ion of the order of Vulcan is in town and is looking for you. Word is He/She has got an infected man and he expects you to treat him, then come back to Galieos with them and report.

    Love & kisses,

    Your GM

    Dear Andanna (the Druid),

    Things are nice here for me, safe from the terrors in the ancient forest. How are they with you?

    So I was thinking about that thing you did the other evening; you, and Thaddeus. That was a crazy night: Him and his fighting the ‘rag’ men, breaking into the dark caverns: the stuff legends are made of.  So, you dragged Thaddeus off to the outskirts of Highridge on his shield, and went back to investigate the Deepest Dark places of the Ancient Wood before returning the next day.

    So let’s see how the whole thing went, shall we? Roll + WIS if you scout out yourself (tell us what form you take), Roll + CHA  if you try and talk to all the creatures of the wood.

    •   10+ Choose 3 from the list:

    •   7-9 Choose just 1:

    o   You get a really good idea of the Cave network and how to get through to the Wizard’s Tower; +1 forward to getting through. Draw a map if you like.

    o   You get a really good look at the Undead Forces and the Necromancer’s defenses; +1 forward to ‘dealing’ with them

    o   Someone (or some-THING) has been trying to follow you, but you get a tip off, plus their nature (tell us now), and they don’t get a good look at you

    o   Hycorax has summoned all the druids to a moot – You manage to conceal what you have been up to.

    If you miss, choose one anyway and it’ll go bad – we’ll cut straight to the action!

    Love & kisses, Your GM.

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