Another “trinket” from #Stonetop : the Azure Hand.

Another “trinket” from #Stonetop : the Azure Hand.

Another “trinket” from #Stonetop : the Azure Hand.  

I think this is probably the “flashiest” of the major arcana, but I think it still has the proper feel of danger and barely-controlled power.  

Feedback and critique especially appreciated on this one. 

3 thoughts on “Another “trinket” from #Stonetop : the Azure Hand.”

  1. Most playbooks and artifacts come with certain unwritten assumptions that they impose upon the game. In the cast of this artifact, it’s that there will be opportunities to use it, which means that events concerning “raw, dangerous energy” will be a thing. I’m not sure how well this would mesh with the “low-magic” style you’re going for.

  2. Peter J that’s a fair concern. I sort of picture this artifact being like the Quarantine in Apocalypse World: it adds a significant element and set of assumptions to the world when it’s in play, but those wouldn’t otherwise be there.  

    In this case, the passive “can sense energy” move would lead players towards asking the GM about it, and the GM would in turn be thinking about energy sources and including them in play. The most obvious sources would be other arcana and elemental spirits, possibly demons and sorcerers (which are all out there, and likely threats).

    But that still makes it’s utility super dependent on the GM including those sorts of energy sources, and not letting that break the rest of the setting.

    So the trick, I think, would be adding something that lets you use ambient, elemental forces (like a fire, or the wind, or something like that).  


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