18 thoughts on “Is there a hack of Dungeon World suitable for use in running an Urban Arcana (the d20 Modern setting) campaign?”

  1. If you want to do as little work rolling your own without switching to a related system, go grab class warfare. It at least breaks the character model down and let’s you rebuild what you want.

  2. You’d still probably want to change some move names for flavor. A gritty urban detective isn’t going to be “Undertaking a Perilous Journey” through the ghetto while “Spouting Lore”.

  3. Kerry Harrison I would definitely look for another game adapted to what you want instead of just pulling Dungeon World through.

    If nothing else, at least check out Urban Shadows & Monster of the Week for specific ideas on what to adapt.

  4. Michael Phillips & Aaron Griffin that’s what I was thinking of doing originally (creating new playbooks for the d20 Modern – or most likely Modern20 classes and modifying the flavor of the moves.  But I figured I check and see if there was something already available first.

  5. Derek Guder but I want the DW flavor, I just want it in the Urban Arcana setting.  MotW doesn’t give me that flavor (but it’s a fun game, just not what I’m looking for right now).  I’ll look at Urban Shadows as that’s one I haven’t played yet.

  6. While it is a #PbtA game, #UrbanShadows sounds almost exactly like the game you want. It is a game of urban fantasy where the fantasy elements are hidden from the perception of regular humans. It seems to match up with the urban fantasy that has become popular due to books like the Harry Dresden novels.

  7. Not really sure what flavor your enjoying in DW that would survive being put in another setting, but the two are usually pretty closely linked in my mind. I’m not familiar enough with Urban Arcana to point you to another option that might capture the same feel.

    Sounds like you should figure out what you specifically like with DW & then replace/graft bits from the other PbA games mentioned.

  8. I love Urban Shadows, but it really is a game about noir-ish characters getting to the bottom of shadowy schemes, corrupt politics, and territorial struggles. I wouldn’t recommend for a “let’s go hunt the monsters” if that’s what you’re looking for (but I confess I don’t know the d20 game you’re referencing).

  9. You might also try looking at dungeon planet, but if you start using powered armor and the alternity archetypes, you’ll be in the same fix. There’s no hack as far as I know. Make it from scratch…passion and patience.

  10. Kerry Harrison I don’t think you’re going to find anything pre-made that fits what you’re looking for.  Urban Shadows has a very different feel than Urban Arcana, much more political and intimate. The corruption moves in Urban Shadows seem totally at odds with the ass-kickery that Urban Arcana seems to evoke.

    I think your instincts are right, that DW rules and moves would be a better fit.  But… you’d be looking (probably) new playbooks (probably using Strong Hero, Fast Hero, Tough Hero, etc), compendium classes for things like Mage and Acolyte and Speed Demon.  

    And then, you’d need to make yourself a new gear list.  And probably some sort of generalized Wealth and Lifestyle mechanic.  Actually… for that, you might check out the Sixth World (Shadowrun) hack.  Or don’t, and just handwave wealth entirely. 

  11. What is the feel you’re going for? 🙂

    All my experience with Urbana Arcana boils down to “modern day, except D&D monsters are hiding in the shadows,” which ends up basically being Monster of the Week or Urban Shadows. Certainly not Dungeon World.

    Can you pull out what it is about Urbana Arcana you specifically want to capture? That’ll make it easier to know what to suggest.

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