A couple more major arcana for #Stonetop.

A couple more major arcana for #Stonetop.

A couple more major arcana for #Stonetop.

The Demonhide Cloak is the last of the arcana that a Seeker with the Witch Hunter background can choose from. It’s ideal for a Witch Hunter who uses stealth, trickery, and cleverness to fight its prey, with a dash of becoming a monster themselves.

Noruba’s Ice-Sphere is, now that I think of it, probably the first major arcana I’ve presented that clearly originated with the Makers (the Rime Lords, in this case). More of these to come.

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3 thoughts on “A couple more major arcana for #Stonetop.”

  1. Gerard Snow letting players see the consequences is a very intentional design decision.

    They’re sitting there like a threat, a dare, making the question of “do I use this? is it worth the risk?” a big part of owning one of these things. And since the player knows what they potentially are, the decision to risk a consequence is a meaningful statement. “If I roll poorly, I’ll take that one, so… yes, this is worth it.”

    And the best part is, even if they don’t trigger a consequence, they knew what the consequences might be. They know the flavor of the power they’re messing with. Psychologically, that feels hella different from the GM picking an unknown consequence.

    There’s also the sense of responsibility that comes from having the player pick the consequence. They don’t get to blame the GM for screwing them. They made the choice.

    (Now, there’s nothing stopping the GM from, say, making them pick a consequence as a GM move. Some of the arcana actively encourage it. Personally, I wouldn’t ever choose the consequence as a GM… I’d just tell them that they have to pick one.)

    There are also logistical reasons for letting the player’s see the consequences. It’s just a lot easier for them to be on the same sheet as the rest of the stuff. Otherwise, the GM would need some big index of Major Arcana Consequences, even though they’d only be referring to a handful of them in any given campaign.

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