So… As a totally rad idea I decided to run DW to a random group in a Finnish…ish(?) environment. And naturally wanted to enhance the feeling by translating the playbook to Finnish. As DW is published under CC license am I right to assume it would be totally ok share what I have done (once it’s done)? And what if I get totally obsessed and by some insane idea want to translate the whole book?

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  1. My guess is that Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel would have no problem with that, and that it’s covered under the CC license. Still, it’s always great to ask!

  2. I tried to search their contact info on the DW’s official site but they only had links to their own sites (which also lacked email addresses). Thus I decided this would be a great place to shout out about something like this. This community is quite active!

    I’m also fairly certain no-one is doing the translation yet since the market for Finnish rpg products is fairly small. 

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