Here’s a draft of the treasure table for #Stonetop.

Here’s a draft of the treasure table for #Stonetop.

Here’s a draft of the treasure table for #Stonetop.

The whole economy in Stonetop is different. You don’t track individual coins; gear is tagged based on steading Prosperities (Dirt, Poor, Moderate, Wealthy, Rich). Resources for your home steading are perhaps more valuable than individual coin. There’s a relatively small market for art objects.

Plus there’s the whole minor & major arcana thing, which should definitely be included in the possible random treasure.

As always, feedback and critique welcome and appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Here’s a draft of the treasure table for #Stonetop.”

  1. What’s the exchange rate between various coins? In other words, how many handfuls in a purse, and how many  silver for a gold?

    And how much coin for 1 Surplus? I could see that coming up.

  2. It’s more-or-less on the Gear sheet linked above. For coin:

    3 handfuls = 1 purse

    3 purses = 1 handful of the next type of coin

    Exchange rates between coin & surplus are variable, accounting for the size and prosperity of the steading. 1 Surplus for Stonetop (poor village) represents considerably less goods than 1 Surplus for Marshedge (moderate town), and is almost nothing compared to what surplus would be for Lygos (rich city).

    How well the exchange rates work is definitely something I intend to watch closely in playtesting.

  3. Love those exotic materials. Do they interact with character spell casting in a specific way? Seems like, “it will require one or more exotic materials” would be an excellent requirement option to append to the wizard’s “ritual” move.

  4. Maybe?  The Ritual move doesn’t exist, per se, in Stonetop.  There’s a general Make a Plan move (which is basically a formalized way for the players to ask the GM “hey, how would we go about this?”).  And figuring out a lot of arcana (especially spells) will require ritual-like things.  

    I definitely expect that those materials will fit into those requirements.  

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