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  1. Had a halfling with two daggers forged from hell-iron and burning with hellfire. They could combine and summon a linking chain (ghost rider style) so that the weapon could be used as a chain whip with a pointy end.

  2. Tim Franzke that’s cool. I’m mostly trying to gauge what sort of thing people usually went for – the only two I’ve seen have been fairly magical/outlandish

  3. Played a dwarf fighter who escaped a volcanic dragon’s cultist slave pits, where the fighter had massive spiked iron gauntlets chained to his hands. He later multiclassed to pick up the druid move Elemental Mastery and have the gauntlets glow red-hot as they began to bleed lava.

  4. Oh, we also had a human fighter who got his signature weapon in an encounter with a giant. It was a huge (messy and forceful tags) bloodstained two-handed hammer with the face covered in spikes. 

    The giant was a chef, and the fighter had stolen his meat tenderizer.

  5. What creativity! These are some of the coolest weapon concepts I’ve ever heard!

    My group tends to use less unique weapons and focus more on the Skills and powers of each character. For example, my Dwarf Barbarian/Warlock uses an executioner’s axe that he uses both to chop off heads and channel curses through.

    The weapons aren’t all that unique, but the way the characters use them become unique.

  6. I am still a big fan of Excalibur like weapons that herald a great destiny or family heirlooms of the kingdom. Playing the prince/King/princess/queen of something is way fun.

  7. A hammer that glows in the presence of undead, which the Fighter had retrieved from the body of a slain paladin, swearing to wield it in the cause of righteousness.

  8. The Halfling King’s signature weapon is Ottemigër.  It is a sinister, huge, and versatile sword.  It has taken the innocent souls of all of his subjects and will not return them until the Halfling King has given the sword an equal number of guilty souls in exchange.  For now, he is a king without a people.  Ottem means “Sanctum”, and igër means “River”.

  9. I currently have a halfling that made his spear to kill a vampire that was preying off the people of his town. The wooden shaft made from the tree in the middle of the town that absorbs the sun’s light and at night it releases the sun’s light illuminating the center of the town. He killed the vampire with the spear at night (while it was radiating the sun’s light) and in the process the shaft absorbed the blood of the vampire. So now whenever a vampire is near the shaft of the spear glows a deep purple (no longer able to absorb nor radiate the sun’s light).

  10. A massive two-handed blade that, when swung fully, extends out like a terrible multi-sectioned guillotine. Reach + Messy/Forceful tags. It marks the heir apparent of a culture of monster hunters who revere both blade and whip, so the merger of the two in a size that can cleave mighty beasts is, of course, of special importance. The fictional positioning of needing to swing it out and then wrench it back in makes for fun combat — as does the need to use my legs and fists when timing isn’t perfect.

  11. Most weapons my PCs had were not to special. But the female elf fighter has a tribal spear which was used to kill a dragon in an ancient war one other had a sword made out of solid ice he forged himself with an family ritual. My light elf fighter is the Servant of the first flame and has burning gauntlets he keeps when he transforms into animals he is multi class a druid

  12. A fighter player of mine was the only survivor of a village raiding. 

    He took the signals pointing to the no-more-village, made a rough handle and put nasty irons in it.

    I think it has the poetry of a makeshift prison weapon mixed with the disperation of a memento of something which is no more. 

  13. An elven fighter with a token of her homeland. A specially enchanted weapon that can shapeshift itself to be “any” (melee) weapon.

    (I took the extra range tags so anything from hand to reach was mine)

    She had a fast and flowing style that took advantage of her weapon’s forms. Striking with a spear that became a whip to trip someone up which became a war axe to chop another’s head and back to a sword to deflect a foe’s sword all in the space of a breath. (a particularly memorable 12+ on hack and slash)

  14. I just played a human fighter (Garrick the bodyguard) whose signature weapons were his fists (ornate gloves). His enchanted gloves give him a versatile range of Hand and Close and 2 Piercing. Every time he strikes a target, there is a flash of light where his target was hit, whether he made direct contact (Hand) or shadow boxed (Close).

  15. My party’s barbarian picked up a magical sword after defeating an orc warchief in single combat. The warchief gave it to him as a token of thanks for freeing them from a blood curse. He later played a half-elf fighter who was the son of his barbarian and an elf hireling they had. The sword temporarily gained power from killing foes. Each kill granted it +1 to damage (up to +3) and a gradually more intense red glow. Not to mention the respect it brought from any orcs who saw it. 🙂

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