Ok so I have a few questions for any play by post veterans.

Ok so I have a few questions for any play by post veterans.

Ok so I have a few questions for any play by post veterans. I have MCd several *World products and have decided to pickup the mantle again. However I recently moved and I have no members to play.

I would be completely new to play by post, so what programs do you all find most useful? Some sort of dice roller, or do you use an honor system ? What do you prefer to post onto and what do you find to be a fair timeframe for responses? Twice a day? More often? Any other issues I should be on the lookout for?

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  1. I have yet to play a PBP, but always wanted to.

    My thought on dice rollers has gone back and forth. I’m currently of the mind to trust the players. If there is distrust amongst the people, then you need to find new people to play with.

  2. If you want a diceroller that will basically log your players rolls somewhere everyone can see them, you could be sneaky like I was and create a Proboard forum?

    Theres a plug in that lets you basically roll dice in a post that will display the dice and cant be changed.

    I would also be interested in playing-by-post ¬.¬

  3. Alfred Rudzki​, just checked out tavern keeper. Looks cool. One question, is there a way to upload character sheets or its it just copy and paste text?

  4. I’m currently playing at PBP , and is being very cool! 🙂

    The MJ created a private community with several sections where we put the different kind of interactions. (Characters, general discussion, intro maps / lands, gameplay, etc). we can put text and / or images on each post.

    The dices are thrown by each player (honor system).

    Responses are placed thus the players have availability, usually 1/2 interactions per week (or more, depending upon the action and availability)…

  5. I’m a bit late to the party…but the majority of my PbP experience comes from the Paizo boards, which have a die roller system. Generally most games operate on a 24 hour responces with a min post of once per day.

    The rest of my experience comes from playing hybrid games…where we run the game on roll20 for the maps and mechanical aspect, and meet there when we can, and do play by post via facebook when we can’t.

    I also recently started a game here, and have just trusted the players to roll, and haven’t set a min responce time as it’s just kinda a fun little diversion.

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