Just had an insanely interesting DW-Session.

Just had an insanely interesting DW-Session.

Just had an insanely interesting DW-Session.

One of my Characters (a Light-Elf we established are born of Starlight by the Songs of other Elves) died.

They rolled horribly and were already damaged and got max damage all the time and 6- all the time.

She even rolled a 5 on her last breath.

I felt pretty bad even though i did not roll anything at that moment when the other Player said: “Now you turn into a tree and squash him!” And i remembered that we established that light elves can turn into Trees or other powerful enteties when they die.

So we discussed it and she turned into a Flute made of Mithril which allows the other Players to call for her help (she was a bard multiclassed with wizard she will only be able to whisper or cast her magic through the Flute) until they find a way for her to resurrect. This way she can participate at the game even though she is technically dead.

What do you guys think? Good Idea or not?

What cool Moments did you have with last-Breath moves?

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  1. If it fits your world, that’s cool. It wouldn’t fit in mine too well. Elves in my world come from the frigid north, beyond where humans dare to tread. Other than that, they are basically long lived humans with different morphology.

  2. No, this is not good. Not at all (quickly scribbles something on a piece of paper…).

    Hey, Vincent, THIS is what I still play RPGs for, after 30 years.


    Of Doom.

    Dragon Slayer.

  3. I’m a little worried about “This way she can participate at the game even though she is technically dead.”  My feeling is that actual people at your table are always the most important thing, and the expectation should always be that everyone who shows up for game can fully participate.  So I hope either this flute is able to be just as active and influential as any other player at the table, or that they find a way to do the resurrection really soon, or that the player is allowed to play another full character in the meantime, whether it’s a brand new character or taking over an NPC or hireling or playing the GM side of some encounters, or whatever they feel happy about.

  4. Yeah i share your concerns colin roald I had this idea because i know the Player and she was really concerned that her Character died. So it was more or less a compromise so she can keep playing her until she get resurrected, which should be really soon. They arrived at an island where they have to light up spark of Summer with their torch and i am planning to resurrect her when this happens so in 1 but max 2 sessions forward. Or else i wouldnt brought up this idea.

    The Flute is pretty limiting because she can only speak (through music) or use her magical Abilitys but its only temporary so i gues its ok. Its not perfect but i like the idea and maybe i can find something to do for her while the other Player is busy in the real world (maybe something with Spirits? We will see)

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