Hey gang.

Hey gang.

Hey gang. Are there any video APs of folks using the Perlious Wilds rules in play to make the maps / dungeons / steadings on the fly?

I’m trying to convince some new gamer friends out in the wilds of Australia where I work to give up their D&D ways and try a little DW action. They like vids, so……

My youtube-fu is weak sauce.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I recently started a campaign with a few friends from my AP podcast group using the Perilous Wilds randomizers. We haven’t done any exploration yet, but we did record ourselves making the map, and we’ve played through one session of a dungeon so far. The Dangers and Discoveries tables for dungeons work really well with the dungeon planner outlined in the book! I’ll be sure to post a link here when they go up on our feed, but it’ll probably be a few weeks before we post ’em.

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