10 thoughts on “What do you like best as a Dungeon World adventure format?”

  1. Heh, I’m not actually sure how I’d classify my stuff on this scale Mark Tygart​​ – I tend to switch formats a bit depending on what I write. Certainly right now I’m enjoying the simplicity of the Perilous deeps format.

  2. Joe Banner I think you’re very “new wave”; at least currently. When did you last put a detailed map in an adventure? I think you are the current master of the “short” Dungeon World adventure.

    It’s an imperfect poll to be sure. The adventure classification terminology is still somewhat undefined.Or I at least don’t completely understand it…

  3. It’s a good point to consider! There’s all sorts of flavours of DW content available, and a market for all of it somewhere. But I think taken as a whole it can be baffling for new players.

    Following Perilous Deeps and playing more light games like Into the Odd, I’ve taken a much less rules-heavy approach. And yeah, my maps are almost always scribbled in game, or a random geomorph (I have a deck of Inked Adventures Geomorph cards.) On the other hand the one thing people always want more of in my adventures are maps, so make what you will of that!

  4. I have been struggling with this a bit lately.  I like preplanned adventures but they don’t seem to have a place in this system.  Having said that I like the random world building that goes on through the narrative but have trouble setting goals or hooks that the players want to follow.  Maybe I need to play a bit more before I try and lead more DW.

  5. ModacTheMad I think every GM has a different mix; it depends on that group and that GM. I don’t think that there is a wrong answer if everyone is having fun.

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