5 thoughts on “Hey Dungeon Worlders!”

  1. Looks dope and you already hit your goal! Ill pick up a deck! What days you doing the Ren faire? I might be visiting Seattle during the summer 😀

  2. Norbert is such a cool name! Yeah, I have heavily modded DW to fit the tone I like for my next KS project. Among many things, I changed Spout Lore to ‘Recall Lore’ and Discern Realities to ‘Investigate.’ I’ve also built a sort of collectible move set that can interchange between classes to build hybrids as character learn and grow. Stay tuned! More to come!

  3. heheh…I just find a few of them to feel sort of sarcastic or perjorative.. Spouting isn’t a thing I want to do :p For a lot of groups I’m sure it’s totally groovy…to each their own!

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