Greek Fire Trap or Weapon

Greek Fire Trap or Weapon

Greek Fire Trap or Weapon

When a trap or weapon spurts its ancient napalm fire at you, ROLL+DEX.

On a 10+, you find suitable cover.

On a 7-9, you dodged but choose 2 anyway:

Your weapon melts on your hand.

Your armor burns and leaves you breathless for a while.

Say goodbye to your backpack.

On a 6-, you take 2d6 damage from the flames.

5 thoughts on “Greek Fire Trap or Weapon”

  1. nN the one hand, I love getting into weird historical elements like that.

    On the other, I first read it as “Geek fire” so my mind right now is going “When a trap or poster spurts it’s ancient grognard  flames at you, roll +WIS…”

  2. Why not 2d6 damage? Baselines for roll consequences are pretty useful in my experience and besides you can always add on other effects to taste depending on the circumstances.

    Also it’s the same amount of damage a Fireball spell does so it seems reasonable at first glance.

  3. Sure 2d6 sounds fine, it s Just a bit Borring, and I kind of feel that 7-9 is worse than 6-.

    Anyhow I thing I would just do it as a 2d6 weapoen with the messy, burning, consuming tag or something

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