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  1. I would guess the only limit is the number of areas you can specialize in, so once you’ve taken all of them (not sure if that’s even possible without going beyond level 10), you can’t take that move any more.  Keep in mind that you only get one specialty at level 1, and each additional one you take counts as your move for leveling up at odd numbered levels.

  2. I’m still not getting it (must be my age). According to the playsheet;

    “This move may be taken multiple times. Each time you take this move, choose 1 area of expertise:

    o Stealth o Locks o Poison o Disguise

    o Acrobatics o Traps o Treasure

    o Negotiation”

    But how many areas of expertise do you start with? If you can have as many as you want, then why not simply have them all?

  3. You can only have 1 area of expertise at first level.  Then, if you want to, you can choose this move again at 3rd level and check off another area of expertise.  You can do the same at 5th, 7th, and 9th levels, ending up with 5 areas of expertise, but no other advanced moves.  The wording “This move may be taken multiple times” just refers to the fact that you can choose to take the move (and gain another area of expertise) in place of taking another advanced move as you level up. Hope that helps.

  4. Sorry, Andrew — You choose only 1 area of expertise at character creation.

    Each time you Level Up to an odd-numbered level, you get to choose (or “take”) a new move. In the Thief’s case, this means you can choose a new move from the Thief’s Advanced Moves list, OR 1 new area of expertise.

     I don’t think it’s your age at all — the language could certainly be clearer on that one.

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