Hey Guys.

Hey Guys.

Hey Guys.

I am currently working on a base Class for playing a Familiar (which i will post here, once i got to a final version)

In my Version i am going to let the Player choose between pixi, imp, raven and Pseudodragon as a race and give him a 2 point Connection with his “Master” (which doesnt have to be a wizard or spellcaster)

So my Question would be:

What kind of Abilitys do you connect to a familiar besides the traditional “be the little thing the Wizard carries along”?

I have some Ideas on my own but i am curious what you guys have in mind.

It doesnt have to be finished moves, just ideas and “fluff” i build the Class myself later. I just need some inspirations for moves and a good “baseline” so the Character will be playable by normal Players.

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  1. Familiars provide the user with the magic in some fiction. So you could reverse the perspective of the ranger. Instead of the master with its companion from which it receives bonuses from. You can play the familiar which provides its master with magic it then uses to cast powerful spells.

    So, how would this look:

    Create a move which would “provide your master with violent, hot mana for which to use”. Then you can have a mental link (like the ranger and its companion) to command/suggests using a particular spell using this form of mana.

  2. Robert Doe interesting Idea, the funny thing is, that i thought about this other way around ^^ that the Familiar would be able to “lend” Power from other Party Members. Maybe even their moves.

    But your idea would be hard to use without restricting the type of classes he could connect to. Sure you could give something like a generic “get +1 to whatever” but i dont want that. Maybe he could give them a move of some kind?

    I will think about it

  3. Not sure I understood this correctly, but I think the familiar getting or transferring powers from other party members may be frustrating for the PC “lending” the power; they will not feel unique anymore (“There is no other wizard…”).

    Just another quick thought: A simple but probably not very exciting way of adding a familiar could be using it as a piece of magic “equipment” that acts as a minor mobile place of power, but whenever you use it, it must defy danger +CON or suffer a debility… On a miss, both the familiar and the caster suffer.

  4. which would also be true for multiclassing Michael Pfaff. Its something the Group has to decide what abilitys should be able to be lend and what not.

    But maybe i would skip it and just make the Familiar a “buffer” of some kind.

    Lets see.

    I need more suggestions 😉

  5. “Buffer” and “Support” would be the majority of its function I think. After all, it is a familiar…

    But, you can always add additional abilities all its own. For example:

    -The familiar exists between planes, and thus can discern realities with ease.

    -Once a proud being with exceptional powers from a world unlike ours, the familiar can project its residual mental image of itself, passing as another being. Describe it.

    -Magical essence comprises the majority of the familiars being. Gain magical armor when providing another creature with mana

    -Unaging and no need for sleep when you exists between planes.

    -You have learned how to harness the powers of your animal form, perform a move using its features.

    You get the idea

  6. I’m not very experienced at designing moves but the idea of crafting a familiar of your own got my imagination going, so I thought I’d just share this:

    When you withdraw to a laboratory to alchemically create a homunculus, name three items that will be consumed in the process (examples in brackets):

    * a liquid (simple: blood, water, urine; precious: rose oil, wine from the Elf King’s cellars; priceless: a dragon’s tear)

    * a chunk of metal (simple: lead, iron; precious: silver, gold; priceless: mithril)

    * a crystal (simple: glass; precious: ruby; priceless: the Witch Queen’s crown jewels)

    …and roll +INT. On a 10+, everything works and the homunculus turns out just fine. On a 7-9, choose two:

    * The homunculus enjoys the full potential of  its crafting ingredients.

    * The homunculus does not turn out with an alignment different/opposed to yours.

    * The process does not drain a magical item in the area (your item or someone else’s, GM call).

    The attributes of the homunculus are defined by the crafting ingredients as follows: liquid = DEX, metal = CON, crystal = INT; simple = -1, precious = 0, priceless = +1; WIS, CHA and STR all are at -2 at the time of creation.

    Narrate how the characteristics of the materials used are reflected in the humunculus’ physique or character traits.

    What do you think?

  7. Robert Doe the Idea with multidimensional being is interesting indeed, because no other class has this aspect really (maybe the druid a bit) This could add advanced moves which add options to dicern realities or dodge attacks. Nice!

    the Idea I had with “animal Form” is that he has an alternative Form which is something like Human or a horse which provides additional utility in fiction (but no hold like the druid) and helps the Familiar in everyday Situations.

    Michael Pfaff I really dig the idea of the Humunculus. Maybe i will add him as a race option or the Familiar-Player could get it as an advanced move so he could add some Elements to himself later in Game. Similar to the Half-elf Move. “Hey guys, by the way: i am a Humunculus even if you couldnt tell until now” 😉 Thanks!

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