8 thoughts on “Updates on my Monster Trainer Class”

  1. It seems like you’re moving towards giving the monsters their own stat line to roll with; I’d definitely call that a mistake, as it will get unwieldy fast and it makes the PC’s stats less important. Look to the hireling rules for how DW typically handles PCs being in charge of other characters.

    Orders sounds like it would be a list of things the monster can do, when it’s really just a resource that caps out at their Obedience. So why not just call it Obedience, and keep track of their maximum Obedience? Like current hp and max hp; less confusing than having two separate terms.

    I like the idea of an obedience mechanic replacing hireling loyalty, though I think there should be room for more rebellious monsters who won’t necessarily obey on praise alone. Maybe when you initially capture them, the GM can assign them a temperament which determines the cost for refilling their obedience? I feel like more troubling costs could crop up on a 7-9.

    I dunno, I’m not sure if these new mechanics are needed or if you could just run a version of the hireling rules with monster moves instead of skills or something.

  2. James Etheridge thank-you, I’ll look into the hireling rules

    Tim Franzke​ you might be right, but I’m going to push on anyways and see what monstrosity I come up with ;p

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