Hey I want to run a dungeon world game.

Hey I want to run a dungeon world game.

Hey I want to run a dungeon world game.

Session 0 would be character and world creation. I am hoping that the world we build isn’t gonna be generic fantasy land with alcoholic dwarves and treehugging elves

I am going to use the “Same Page Tool” to make sure that everyone has similar ideas of what a good game is. ( https://bankuei.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/the-same-page-tool/ ) so if you can fill that out then PM me your answers.

In that vein I am not gonna run a joke campaign or a super edgy campaign.

Let me know if your interested 🙂

This would be GMT on a weekday evening most likely the wednesday.


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  1. I didn’t say their can’t be humour. I said I don’t want to run a joke campaign. And I am bored of the massive list if fantasy clichaes so the first session would be worldbuilding.

  2. Or it could end up not being a bunch of clichés. I dont particularly feel like not trying something just because it might fail.

    Regardless if your not interested you can just not take part

  3. I think the issue I’d have with that type of game is that it becomes YOUR game, not the game of the group (and being the game of the group is kind of what Dungeon World is about — “play to see what happens” and what not)… you can start off with cliches and have the game end up being anything but.

  4. I apologize, but I’m not clear as to what your concept is without you clearly stating it.  DW is a world of D&D tropes, so I believe the list of massive cliches will be there.  However, it’s what you do with those cliches that matter.  If, for instance, you wanted the group to rescue a princess from a tower, you could change some of the tropes.  Is she ghastly instead of lovely to behold?  Is she a sexually provocative fox pushing the boundaries of her father’s wishes to remain a virgin? What if she’s cursed? or Possessed? or perhaps in league with her captors to acquire the ransom demanded? or all of the above?  In my experience and in my opinion, cliches are where you begin, not something to avoid.  So, Mr. Brown, I humbly apologize if I’ve offended.  Good luck with all of your further endeavors. 

  5. “Ask questions and use the answers”

    If someone answers a question with something you don’t like or something you don’t think fits in your world how will you respond to their answer? 

    Obviously, before this first session I’m sure the players that will be involved will know that they aren’t going in expecting a ‘traditional’ or ‘cliche’ filled game but hopefully their answers/ideas wont be rejected.

  6. The entire reason I’m being upfront about what sort of game i want to run is to avoid that situation. I’m really bit sure where this idea that I’m going to shut peoples ideas down and not play the game as intended is coming from.

  7. As a player, my chief concern with this campaign would be the seemingly stringent rules you have in place. Say, for instance, I WANTED my tree-dwelling, nature-loving dwarf to be a drunk… instantly your campaign makes me fear giving that as a suggestion because you deem it “‘too cliche” (despite the other parts of the character being decidedly anti-cliche). To me, stepping on eggshells like that would be a problem, whether that was your intent or not — especially in a game as open-ended as Dungeon World.

    That said, I sincerely hope you find a group that fits your play style.

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