11 thoughts on “Is there a supported official campaign setting for the game?”

  1. Wave E however, if you like a more “traditional” approach, I can assure you can easily port your personal setting, or a favorite one, with few efforts. I played a dungeon world campaign based on Ravenloft, another one with Eberron setting, etc.

    Also, if you like the concept of a darker world, full with villages in which there is always something wrong within, then you could buy Grim World pdf. You’ll find other playbooks, and ideas for that kind of adventures.

    Also, The Last Days of Anglekite have a full campaign, with ready to use places, threats, creatures, magic items, specific moves etc.

    I think lot of people “hate” those kind of products because they think that “denature” the original DW spirit. Well, I play DW in a lot of different ways, and there are no wrong ones. There are only ways suitable for your group of friends.

  2. Mark Tygart  whoops! I agree. I was trying to say “No.” as in “No there is not an official setting.” My bad, I couldn’t have agreed with you more!

  3. I feel like if it “did” have a default setting. It would be about a paragraphs length that is read at the start of each session.

    So maybe a piece of random lore that kicks off each session?

    Otherwise… Yeaaaah… It creates a world as you go 🙂

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