14 thoughts on “How often does _Aid or Interfere get used in your games?”

  1. My players love to help each other. I’m blessed with folks that lean forward and won’t shut up about how awesome they’re being.

    I actually appreciate that they’re always sticking their neck out for that extra +1 bonus, because misses/complications on rolls with aid are super fun and regularly pretty easy to improv. In one of my games a high stakes hack and slash miss (that had an aiding PC) an enormous ogre-like monster pick up the attacking PC with a fist, crushed them with a meaty squeeze, then hit the aiding character with the same PC-containing fist. (Just a fun way to damage both PCs with an ogre and leave one character in a bind.)

  2. My players (through no pudhing from me i might add) seem to do aid a lot almost every key move they are like can we aid this person. I think they realise that failure is a big thing in dungeon world so they want to avoid it as much as possible.

  3. Yeah I feel Intefere never fits with the game, especially that sentence that says your all on the same team…if your all on the same team why would you need to intefere with someone? A lot of times these arguments on whether we should do this or this ghets sorted out in roleplaying or discussion amongst the group never with actual rolls.

  4. Robert Doe I’m pretty un-surprised, actually.  I wasn’t sure about the exact spread, but my gut told me that the move was used considerably less than the other moves. I was mostly wondering how big the “Rarely, if ever” option would be chosen.

    It’s sort of obvious that Aid/Interfere gets used less than other moves, because it’s a meta-move; it’s only even an option when other moves are being rolled, so of course it’s going to be used less often than other moves. Even when it could be used, it’s only going to come up if a) people think of it and b) there’s the fictional opportunity to use it and c) people think it’s worth it.

    It’s the c) up there that I’m really interested in. That, and that bonds feel like an underused design space.

    More thoughts on this to come! (And possibly more polls.)

  5. Soul Stigma, james day: yeah, I can’t think of a single time Interfere has been used in a game I’ve run or played in.

    But I’ve definitely heard tell of it being used when PCs come to blows or actually start working at cross purposes, and it would feel weird to me to not have some sort of mechanical option to screw with your teammate. I’m kicking around some sort of totally different move than interjects on the fiction rather than the mechanics, but it’s still taking shape in my head.

  6. I don’t use it or see it very often in my group. I think we generaly sense that this is that other player’s chance to shine. We aid mostly when its something you obviously need multiple people to do, like moving a couch or operating switches in diferent locations. My friends used interfere when they thought i was doing something that would get me killed. Luckly they failed.

  7. I allow players to declare an intent to aid/interfere after the original dice roll is made, which IMHO increases it’s use considerably. It has to follow the fiction in a reasonable way but as a GM I am always in favor of more dice hitting the table (more chances for me to make moves).

    The downside to that is I do not allow players to collect XP on 6s that have been AIDed into 7s.

  8. On the other hand you can have this thing happen: 

    Player A rolls a 6. 

    Player B rolls to help A and get’s a 6 as well. 

    The last player, C, then rolls to aid in the helping effort of B and gets a 6 as well.

    Man we were doomed… 

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