Please forgive me if I’ve already asked this one.

Please forgive me if I’ve already asked this one.

Please forgive me if I’ve already asked this one. What are the main differences between Dungeon World, Dungeon World Hack, and World of Dungeons?

Which of these is the easiest to hack into something like Carcosa. And, which of of these is the easiest to teach to new players coming from an OSR/D20 background.

Much thanks in advance.

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  1. Easiest to hack would be World of Dungeons. It is different from Dungeon World because it has no moves and no playbooks. You pick a few items from a list to make your character’s niche and just go for it. It is very grey and open. Not really a finished game but more like 0e D&D. I’m not sure about Dungeon World Hack. At first glance it just looks like a precursor to Dungeon World. It’s so close I would just use DW because it is more tested. I don’t see the advantage of Hack other than it’s less to read up front. (About the same for players, but a fair amount less for the GM to read, that is.) Carcosa is a setting (primarily). If you ignore all the stuff in the front about random damage and the classes and such, you could just play Carcosa with DW characters. If you really want to meld the two, look at the Carcosa characters and adapt the two or three playbooks that apply to them. (It’s been a while since I read the Carcosa front material but I believe it was just fighters and sorcerers.) Books like the Paladin or Druid or Bard probably don’t fit well into Carcosa. Though I imagine others will argue that point. If you are imaginative there might be really cool ways to use those books in the setting.

  2. In my opinion, you don’t have to hack anything; just pick any of the two (dungeon world hack is just primitive DW) and play. Both games have the mages having the Ritual skill: whenever they do that, just rule the ritual as horrid as you need it. On world of dungeons, use the Summoner ability to let players summon abominations instead of common demons. Create some planar monsters and you’re done. World of dungeons has no monster rules though, but I have made a generator here:

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