Hey everyone

Hey everyone

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on a (free, as in beer) add-on for DW related to Eldritch horrors, madness and horrible bodily transformations.

I thought it might be a nice touch to provide GMs with a big fat glossary of suitably Lovecraftian adjectives to help them describe the horrors the players may encounter in appropriate terms.

I would like to invite you all to contribute your favorite vile, arcane, mysterious and unspeakable adjectives in the comments (and I’ll include you in the credits of course!)

21 thoughts on “Hey everyone”

  1. Rebel Wulf yup. It was one of the first ones I penned down in my notebook. In the context of a strange fiction context it implies unchecked and rampant growth as a result of the fecundity (which is awesome)

  2. Chthonian or chthonic, being of the underworld or base matter.

    Myriad, in number of tentacles, eyes, etc.

    Pestilent, as in diseased or appearing so.

    Moribund, at the point of death, appearing dead or lifeless.

  3. Aphotic 


    1. characterized by or growing in the absence of light: an aphotic plant

    2. of or relating to the zone of an ocean below that to which sunlight can penetrate, usually about 90m (300 ft). This is the lowest level at which photosynthesis can take place

  4. Dylan Knight “Toiling near-mindlessly at their dismal, soul-crushing quotidian tasks, the faceless tally-men of the hollow heart take little mirth in their mad, reasonless, existence” WORKS FOR ME

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