9 thoughts on “Dungeon World: Dealing With Dealing Damage”

  1. Probably not a great move to post your article here and then, in the article, say “I don’t go to the Tavern anymore.” It makes me want to stop reading the article. It makes this post feel a bit like spamming.

  2. To me it illustrates a lack of understanding concerning the fictional elements at play. While the writer mentions the “16 Hit Point Dragon”, he doesn’t appear to understand the whole point. Sure, a high-alpha-damage character could fell a dragon in one awesome strike – it happens in great stories – but the sheer hell that character will go through to finally position themselves for that strike? That’s the part he missed.

  3. To me this article was written with trollish intentions, it is contradictory: sometimes states the obvious and others it interprets the rules in the dumbest way and then blames them for stealing the fun. I don’t think it’s even a serious post, only spam full of adds at the end.

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