4 thoughts on “Looking for feedback – This is my first DW starter.”

  1. Seems like a fun setup. I think you can be more forceful with your questions, make them more leading. I also love pick-from-a-list questions that can be expanded upon. Adding more specificity and tightening the constraints of your questions will make them easier to answer, and I’ve found you actually tend to get more creative answers.

    For an example of more forceful questioning, let’s look at this one:

    “What’s the shortcut that you know about that Caleus didn’t, and how did you learn about it?”

    This is an interesting question, with lots of potential to impact your story, but it also leaves a bit too much space for uninteresting answers. My favorite questions are phrased so that any legitimate answer will add interesting complication to the story.

    Some more forceful alternatives:

    “Who guides you through the secret paths of the pit? What promise did they extract in exchange for their help?”

    “What shortcut does your map detail, and why were you warned away from it?”

    “Though Caleus succumbed to the pit’s horrors, you are armed with something he lacked. What is it?

    -a map of hidden shortcuts

    -the last drops of a potion of invisibility

    -a lost history of the place

    -a wicker shield, warded against the pit’s evils

    -a full compliment of climbing gear”

    The degree of force is ultimately a matter of taste, but I’ve found that a slightly heavier hand produces the type of play I like more often.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean about being more forceful with the questions, though my hesitation with those comes from other instances where I’ve been railroaded as a player.

    I think I might have a way of encouraging creativity while still providing structure as needed, but I’ll revise and resubmit. 🙂

    Also, Mark Tygart , thanks for sharing that with me. 🙂

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