Hey gang, I could use some inspiration help.

Hey gang, I could use some inspiration help.

Hey gang, I could use some inspiration help. After the (very fun) first session of a new campaign, I’m trying to put together Fronts. A lot of what happened actually ended up being somewhat self-contained, but the biggest hook my players gave me was that something is wrong in the nearby swamp/forest, and is causing the animals to disappear. There’s also a wizard that may or may not be involved (he showed up around the time this started happening), but is definitely not Evil. That’s pretty much all I know for sure right now.

So help me brainstorm here. What’s making the animals go missing? Some sort of plague, which will soon start spreading to the townsfolk? I really like the idea of a chaos entity of some sort, but I don’t think I want to throw reality-warping attacks at them before they’ve had a more straightforward adventure of some sort. Maybe a tribe of frogmen have established a cult (many of the characters have some sort of divine interests) to a forgotten swamp god and are unwittingly what… poisoning the swamp? Right now I’m just treating the swamp itself as Unholy Ground, but until I know more about what’s causing it, I’m going to have a hard time prepping for future sessions. Where would you go with this information? And how does the wizard fit into all this, anyway?

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  1. Going off what Mark Tygart​ said, but excluding the alien part and staying within the standard fantasy theme. Replace aliens with fallen Angel that has taken a hideous form. Perhaps the earth it touched when it came down from the sky has become radiant/necrotic and is killing off the inhabitants.

  2. Something weird is sleeping at the bottom of the swamp and will awak soon. The wizard opened a portal to a far land and animals are migrating through it to a distant swamp, to safety. The magic of the portal is hastening the wake up process … what is resting there? Why the wizard wants to risk it to awaken to save the local fauna?

  3. The very swamp itself is slowly becoming a (very large) single, carnivorous, sentient being. It’s literally eating it’s native fauna (and flora?) to fuel this metamorphosis.

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