5 thoughts on “Could anyone clarify something for me?”

  1. They stand between you and the door.  On a <11 the MC says what happens, on a 12+ you can say, "And i knock them out of the doorway, opening it up for my friends to escape."  You just took their position away from them.

    They are on the other side of a wooden rampart from you.  On a <11 the MC says what happens, on a 12+ you can say, "And my fist goes through the weakened part of the wall, where i grab him, and pull him back through the rampart, smashing it to bits as i do."  You just took their position out of that rampart.

  2. Think creatively while GMing, and interpret moves like this very loosely, in ways that make the story more fun and exciting for the characters.  If it’s more fun for the characters, and you’re being a fan of the characters, it’s more exciting for you, too. 

    You specifically want to know about the target losing their position – their position could be how they stand defensively and/or aggressively before the Barbarian, prompting a Hack & Slash in the first place.  If they were towering over the Barbarian, they get knocked down (they lost their footing).  If they were holding a doorway, push them through it and gain entry (they lost control).  if they commanded the respect of the crowd,  they are shamed such that the crowd jeers them and celebrates The Barbarian’s awesomeness instead (they lost respect/authority)!

    Because this move gives the Player the choice on what the target loses, try to honor their request as much as possible.  If you cannot understand their choice, talk with the player and identify what they are trying to accomplish, and then collaborate to find a way to phrase the loss appropriately to the goal, and then translate it into the fiction.

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