The Shield of the Wisent Witch was inspired by Hans Messersmith’s request and some of the great ideas the tavernites had for him.

The Codex is a #Stonetop -style spellbook. It’ll be one of the possible starting items for the Seeker, particularly for the Patriot background. The Patriot Seeker is a local of the town who has sensed the growing dangers in the world and sought out power from dangerous sources in order to protect their home.  I’m not sure that the Patriot’s possible artifacts will all be this dark. But definitely sinister.

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  1. On the codex there is a possible misspelling. “A dozen copper plates, greed with age and bound together with rings of reddish metal wire.” Did you perhaps mean green with age? As for the content I think that they are wonderfully creative. When you gain spells etc. are they in addition to what your character or class already has or do they they replace a spell/move?

    If that is the case these are very powerful and would make an awesome McGuffin for a party to seek out, quest after.

  2. I’m going to hafta start keeping a wash rag on my keyboard to protect it from the drool when I read these posts Jeremy Strandberg !  I do have one question.  Is your intention that each Consequence can only be chosen once?  If so, what happens when all of them are chosen?  It would seem to me (and also be A LOT of work) that you could build in a Compendium class to each of these if a character has taken each consequence…

  3. Brian Vinciguerra I’m not planning these moves/spells as replacing anything. They are pretty potent, but I think that’s largely balanced by the fictional effort you have to put into unlocking the moves and the potential consequences of using them. 

    (And, yes, good catch: that should be “_green_ with age.”)

  4. Eld Nathr Yes, you only pick a consequence once (or once per check box).  As for what happens when you mark them all… I think it depends. For some of the less-problematic artifacts (like the Wisent Witch Shield), I think you just stop marking consequences. You’ve invested enough of yourself into that shield and its powers, you can use it a bit more freely.  

    I definitely need to consider how it would work out for the Codex, because right now the only way to empower one of those spells is to mark a consequence. Maybe that’s okay… the spells become less powerful after you give yourself over to Mec’tumel.  Maybe you need to bargain with Mec’tumel to show you how to empower them some other way? And I feel confident leaving that to the GM and player to work out.

    Oh, also: I’m thinking the Seeker will have an advanced move that lets them mark a debility (or maybe 2?) in lieu of a consequence. For someone that was heavily into artifacts, that could answer the question.

    I’ve definitely thought about making compendium classes, but probably won’t go down that route.  If I do, they’ll be more general like “Thrall of the Things Below” or “Forest Witch” or “Shadowmancer,” and the artifacts would be just one way to go down those routes.

    I definitely am thinking about writing up some of the artifacts as potential fronts/threats/grim portents, or at least providing some guidance for doing so.

  5. Peter J Throw any ideas you’ve got for artifacts my way. Beyond that, I’m not really looking for any specific help. But I’ll keep it in mind.  (And thanks for the enthusiasm.)

  6. Whispering Puzzle Box

    A wooden box somewhat larger than your palm. All six surfaces are intricately carved, and covered in numerous latches and sliding panels. You can never seem to quite get it open though, and smashing it doesn’t work.

    When you spend some time trying to solve the puzzle box, you hear a whispering in your mind; roll+WIS. *On a 7+, the GM will reveal the details of a dire event that will come to pass in the near future. *On a 10+, the GM will also tell you something useful about how you can interfere with the event’s outcome. *On a 6-, you see something unfortunate in your future.

    When a prophecy you have received from the whispers comes true, mark a box.

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    When you mark the last box, your mind has grown attuned to hearing the whispers…or perhaps, the whispering has attuned itself to you. You can use Whispers in the Dark. (see reverse)

    Whispers in the Dark

    You know the puzzle box so well, it appears in your dreams now. When you lie down to sleep, you may ask the puzzle box a question about anything you like. If you do, the whispers will send you an answer in your dreams; roll+WIS. *On a 10+, choose one. *On a 7-9, choose two. *On a 6-, you get all three.

    – The dream is unclear and shrouded in symbolism.

    – The whispers will ask you to do something before they will answer again.

    – You must mark a consequence.

    The GM will describe your dream to you, answering your question as clearly as the choices allow. You take +1 forward when you act on the information you received.


    [ ] Animals will either flee in terror or turn hostile at the sight of you.

    [ ] You become increasingly paranoid, and you refuse to let the puzzle box out of your possession. Take -1 ongoing to Aid Another.

    [ ] You begin to hear the whispers while you’re awake… and they ask you to do things for them.

       [ ] The whispers get very angry if you don’t do what they demand.

    [ ] Your voice becomes a rasping whisper, and your skin becomes chalky pale and sickly.

    [ ] The puzzle box begins to rattle, like there’s something alive in it.

    [ ] The puzzle box opens. You quickly realize that what was kept in there was sealed for a very good reason. Best of luck.

  7. Moar, you say?

    The Phoenix Cup

    A square shaped drinking goblet, made of red-gold metal. Each side is marked with a phoenix in a different stage of life, including its death conflagration. Any liquid placed within it becomes near boiling hot.

    When you drink from the Phoenix Cup, burning energy flows through your limbs; roll+CON. *On a 7+, choose an option from the list. *On a 7-9, the energy burns you from within; take 1d4 damage, ignoring armor.

    – You can endure even the deepest winter cold without protective clothing until the next dawn.

    – Your eyes begin to glow, allowing you to see in the dark until the next dawn.

    – Small wisps of flame flicker from your fingers for a while.

    When you intentionally plunge yourself through a roaring blaze in the name of the Phoenix, mark a box. (Assuming you survive, of course.)

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    When you mark the last box, you unlock the mysteries of the cup. You can use Rebirth. (see reverse)


    When you add a drop of your blood to a liquid in the Phoenix Cup, it glows faintly. When you drink this mixture, you are completely healed of all injuries. Lost HP, debilities, poison, disease, curses, even lost limbs are healed in a bright flash of flame. You then have until the next dawn or dusk to slay an intelligent creature with your own hand, fill the cup with it’s blood, and drink it. When you do so, mark a consequence. If you do not fulfill this task, Death comes for you; take your Last Breath immediately.


    [ ] Fire and heat can no longer harm you, though they can still burn your possessions. (But never the cup.)

       [ ] You actively seek out heat whenever you can. Even on a scorching summer day, you want more warmth.

    [ ] When you strike a few sparks into the cup, a small fire bursts forth, as bright as a torch. It burns without any fuel until you choose to extinguish it.

       [ ] Instead of a torch, you may create a flaming sword from the cup. (fiery, close, +1 damage, 3 uses)

    [ ] Your body transforms into the shape of whomever’s blood was just used to fill the cup.

    [ ] When you would feel fear, you instead feel emboldened, and charge headfirst into the source of the danger.

    [ ] Death has grown weary of being cheated. The next time you take your Last Breath, you automatically fail.

  8. Staff of Storms

    The wood of this staff is charred and blackened, yet it is surprisingly sturdy. The staff is tipped with a crystal that fades from sky blue, to purple, to inky black. 

    When you wave the staff overhead while standing under the open sky, roll+INT. *On a 10+, choose three options from the list. *On a 7-9, choose two. *On a 6-, the weather goes haywire for a while, expect weirdness.

    – The temperature becomes noticeable cooler.

    – A strong breeze picks up for a while.

    – If the sky is clear, it becomes overcast.

    – If the sky is overcast, it begins to rain, or snow if it’s cold enough.

    – If it’s raining or snowing, a thunderstorm begins.

    When you pray to the god of storms in the middle of one of his blessed events (a powerful thunderstorm), mark a box.

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    When you mark the last box, you unlock the greater powers of the staff. You can use Stormcaller. (see reverse)


    When you wave the staff overhead while standing under the open sky, on a 7+ you may instead choose an option from the following list. On a 7-9, you also mark a consequence.

    – Immediately fill the area with dense fog.

    – Cause the temperature in the area to plummet to below freezing.

    – A powerful gust of wind flows from the staff, enough to knock someone off of their feet.

    If there is a thunderstorm overhead, add the following choices to the list:

    – A bolt of lightning devastates a single target you designate. (3d6 damage, ignores armor)

    – A clap of thunder deafens everyone in the area for a short time.


    [ ] Your bolts of lighting also arc to anyone nearby for half damage.

    [ ] Your body becomes surprisingly light. You are more vulnerable to attacks with the forceful tag, and strong gusts of wind may carry you away like a leaf.

       [ ] With a cape or a sail, you can fly upon strong currents of wind with limited proficiency.

    [ ] Bad weather seems to follow you wherever you go. If you stay more than a couple of days in the same place, it will remain cloudy until you leave. 

       [ ] If you stay more than a week in the same place, it won’t stop raining until you leave.

    [ ] Sparks fly from your fingertips when you touch metal. You find it uncomfortable to wear, hold, or carry anything made of metal.

    [ ] You develop a tendency towards violent mood swings. 

  9. Peter J These are great! 

    Keep ’em coming if you’ve got them. (And that goes for everyone.) The flavor isn’t quite what I’m looking for for Stonetop (mostly because of stuff in my head that I’ve never articulated to anyone). But they’re really good starting points.  

  10. Hey, if I light a fire in someone’s imagination, I’ll consider my work done.

    Runemaster’s Tools

    A bag made of wolfskin containing a stone hammer, chisel, and a small obsidian knife. The handles of the tools are made of intricately carved wolf bone. When used to make runes upon stone or wood, they leave behind faint glowing marks for a few moments, suggesting their magical power.

    When you set out to carve runes of power into an object, tell the GM what effect you want to accomplish; the GM will tell you in exchange how long it will take and what special reagents you will need to complete the runes, if any. When you pay these prices and begin carving, roll+INT. *On a 10+, choose two. *On a 7-9, choose one. 

    – The effect is permanent.

    – The effect does not have a weird limitation.

    – The effect has no unknown side effects.

    *On a 6-, the runes you have carved are cursed. The GM will let you know the nature of the curse, but only after it is too late.

    When you carve an menhir with elaborate runes that tell the life story of a fallen comrade and place it above their grave, mark a box. 

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    When you mark the last box, you have learned how to use the tools to craft a set of personal runes. You can use Runecaster. (see reverse)


    You have used the tools to craft your own set of runes for divination. When you cast your runes to divine the future, name a person and roll+INT. *On a 10+, the GM will tell you two things from the list below. *On a 7-9, only one. *On a 6-, the GM will tell you one anyway, but also something else that is not true. Which one is which you will have to figure out for yourself.

    – A future event that will threaten the subject.

    – How the subject can achieve what they desire most.

    – Someone who is plotting against the subject.

    – Where the subject is needed right now.

    Additionally, when you carve runes of power, on a 12+ you get all three choices.

    When a prophecy you have made comes true, mark a consequence.


    [ ] You can now carve runes of power into other people (ouch!). When you do so, your subject rolls+CON. *On a 10+, choose one. *On a 7-9, choose two. *On a 6-, all three.

    – They must erase a Bond they have and write a new one with you.

    – The pain and scarring makes them mark a debility of their choice.

    – Your work is sloppy, take -1 to your carving roll.

    [ ] When you Discern Realities, on a hit the GM will always tell you what is about to happen for free.

    [ ] The air around you is always noticeably colder than normal.

    [ ] Your next divination will also foretell a catastrophe, no matter the subject.

    [ ] You begin hearing wolf-howls at night, and you can’t shake the suspicion that something is hunting you…

    [ ] You begin having prophetic dreams of grim portents to come… and they seldom end happily.

       [ ] You have foreseen your own death in your dreams. Try to evade it if you want, it’s going to happen one day.

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