Another stab at artifact cards for #Stonetop

Another stab at artifact cards for #Stonetop

Another stab at artifact cards for #Stonetop .  I found I was trying to cram too much into too little space, so I doubled the size of the cards.  That gave me space to make the consequences more elaborate and (IMO) flavorful.

As always, suggestions & feedback appreciated.

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  1. Wow.  There are a few grammatical mistakes, but just these two alone make me salivate for an entire deck!  Awesome work.  Can’t wait to see a final product!  You should consider a Kickstarter for #Stonetop or even just this deck of goodies.

  2. Great stuff. I love that the artefacts boil down to their abilities, with a mix of abilities that hint at potentially dark histories but don’t specifically rule that they are evil, much like the One True Ring which can be used for good, but ultimately (and in subtle ways at first) corrupts the user. I hope there are artefacts that appear to be the opposite – lots of really nice abilities with some that just seem a little suspicious or strange.

  3. Jeremy Strandberg I’m creating an artifact for my game, and I’m going to steal your mechanics here, because awesome.  I have a question though, do you reveal all of the consequences to a player when they use the item?  How much information do you give the players when they find items like these?

  4. I dunno! I haven’t tried it yet!

    I’m thinking I’d just give them the card once they’ve had a chance to learn something about it, through Spout Lore or accidentally triggering the initial trigger or whatever.

    I’d probably say “don’t like read the back until you unlock it’s mysteries, but its okay if you catch a glimpse at it.”

    Once they’ve unlocked the back side, yeah, they can see all the consequences. I want them to know that there are potential costs and what they are, even if what those costs imply isn’t explicitly stated.

  5. Yes, that sounds similar to what I was thinking.  They have to know that there are potential consequences, but I don’t think I want them to know what they are until they unlock that possibility.

    I play on Roll 20, so I have a little bit of an advantage.  I can put the initial abilities on a virtual handout, and there is a place for GM notes as well.  So I’ll probably put the initial abilities in the notes, and then move the consequences to the player’s notes section once they unlock those abilities.

    Thanks for the help!

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