Adapted from Dragon Magazine 280 Feb 2001

Adapted from Dragon Magazine 280 Feb 2001

Adapted from Dragon Magazine 280 Feb 2001

Bonetree Group, Huge

Stinging Vines (b[2d6+5] damage 1 piercing) 18 HP 3 armor

Reach, Near

Special Qualities: Poisonous, Immune to mind influence, Blindsight, Resistance to fire

Standing as tall as a hill giant, this tree is pale brown with scores of branches that grow upward from its trunk, its branches are leafless giving it a skeletal appearance. Its trunk is covered in knots and jagged holes. The bonetree can be found in the stinking mire, the river delta and other suitable areas. The bonetree can often be found in glades with others of its kind. Its putrid odor is masked by the decay surrounding it. 

When prey nears the bone tree it begins to rattle its branches creating a sound similar to a nest of rattle vipers. Stinging vines lash out of its trunk extending far out into the surrounding area to grasp prey and satiate its appetite. 

When struck by a bonetree roll + Con on a 10+ there is no additional effect from its stinging vines. On a 7-9 choose 1

The Bonetree has ensnared you and you are unable to flee, but can still make normal attacks

The Bonetree has embedded its stinging vines into your skin take -1 forward to DEX

The Bonetree poison has weakened you -1 forward to STR

The Bonetrees poison has inflicted you with the Sickness debility

For each additional hit received by the Bonetree choose an additional effect.

The bonetree’s trunk is charged with mystical energy. When the bonetree is struck forcefully this energy is released in a flash of blinding light causing you to flinch and avert your eyes roll Defy Danger On a 10+ you are not blinded. On a 7-9 take –1 forward to your next attack.

Instinct: Extract elements from bones

Ensnare all within reach

Blinding Flash when struck

Sprout razor sharp spurs from stinging vines

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