6 thoughts on “Any one-offs or campaigns-in-planning that a newbie might be able to hop in on?”

  1. Hey, Harrison! So far no luck, but I’m considering just running an adventure via Play-by-Post, assuming I can find a good forum for it (I’ve signed up on MythWeavers, but they do not support Dungeon World).

    Would you be down for doing something like that?

  2. Not really 😛 I’m already in a forum-based DW roleplay, but I’ve never been a player in any other sort of DW experience and am looking for something different. I prefer audio or visual based for  rpgs online. Roll20, or using google hangouts would be my preference and I am familiar enough with both to help people out. 

    I’m in a campaign on gotexp.com but that’s all I know about.

  3. I’ve been doing a bi-weekly pick up game. I am probably going to launch another event for next week. Thursday, maybe.

    I’d love to do a more traditional campaign, but have yet to get a consistent group together.

  4. Hey, Joseph. That sounds cool, I’d (for the foreseeable future) be available to do a Thursday game in whatever format (Skype, roll20, Hangouts). At the moment, I can even commit to a weekly continuous run.

  5. If the time works out, I would love to get in on a one shot. I have played a few times but don’t think I have 100% wrapped my head around it. I would love to play again with hopes that it all just finally clicks in

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