2 thoughts on “I’d rather you gave me my own Coke but the sentiment is a good one.”

  1. when you drink the coke

    10+ you feel refreshed and restore d6hp

    7-9 as above but choose 1 of the below

    * you gain a sugar rush, -1 forward on CHA

    * your teeth have that coke film feeling, gain the sick condition

    * you remember you are diabetic, make a last breath roll immediately  

  2. When you share a Coke: 

    10+ You are disgusted, but avoid any medical conditions. 

    7-9 Choose 1 of the below 

    – the enamel strips away from 1d6 teeth 

    – indigestion and flatulence make you a poor social companion. Take -1 Forward on social interactions. 

    – you swear you will never drink Coke again…until the next time 

    6- a sudden sugar crash makes you convinced of the futility of existence. Take -1 Forward. 

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