How about a fun GM exercise.

How about a fun GM exercise.

How about a fun GM exercise. Here is the seed of an idea I adapted from an old Dragon Magazine. Below is the original text from the magazine and My re-skin for Dungeon World.

Dragon 333

The Blood Dunes: This vast desert of blood-red particles is known for its withering climate; temperatures here are never below severe heat, and often reach levels of extreme heat. Close inspection of the particles that make up the “sands” of this desert reveals them to be crumbling scabs and clots of dried blood. The blood dunes are infested with all manner of undead, and many powerful mummies and liches lurk in the mysterious ruins that are partially buried in these massive, morbide dunes.

DW reskin:

The Blood Dunes: The searing heat and the copper stench of the blood dunes overwhelm the senses. Getting its name from the rolling hills of red sand that stretch for miles in every direction, the sand, when examined closely, resemble flakes and clots of dried blood. Extreme temperatures sear the flesh and scorch bones. All manner of undead and lost souls wander these badlands and lurk in abandoned ruins. Settlements are few and far between consisting of a collection of few ramshackle huts. The people like the environment are harsh and inhospitable.


This seed can be fleshed out as a Dungeon Starter:

2 thoughts on “How about a fun GM exercise.”

  1. New Monster: Blood Fly Swarm 

    Blood Fly Swarm Horde, Tiny, Devious, Amorphous

    Bite (d4-2 damage) 6 HP 1 armor


    Special Qualities: Endure the desert heat, Immune to Heat and Fire

    A cacophonous humming rises above the dunes, a black cloud of flies swarms over every inch of you, biting, and tearing your flesh. 

    When bitten by a Blood Fly roll +Con on a 10+ you are fine;On a 7-9 choose 1:

    Blood Flies obscure your vision take -1 forward to attack

    Blood Flies fill your mouth and lungs take -1 forward to Dex

    You are bitten by Blood Flies take damage.

    On a fail you are infected with Blood Fly Fever Mark the Sick Debility until you are cured, you experience these symptoms.

    A few hours after the infective bite, a feeling of lassitude, abdominal distress and chills develop followed by fever, severe frontal headaches, muscle and joint aches, flushing of the face and a fast heart rate. 

    Instinct: Infect with blood fly fever

    Bite exposed flesh

    Swarm them

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