Break-Up Artist

Break-Up Artist

Break-Up Artist

When you end a relationship (professional or otherwise) with someone who doesn’t want you to leave, roll +CHA. On a 10+, they are calm and understanding but they’ll gladly welcome you back if you change your mind. On a 7-9, choose 1:

–They’ll lash out at you initially, but will come around quickly afterwards and apologize.

–They act like they’re at peace right now but you know they’re not, they will be back for you later and they will be mad.

8 thoughts on “Break-Up Artist”

  1. Love the mind behind it. I have a very similar move in one of my upcoming playbooks if I might also share:

    Smooth Operator

    When you spend time chatting up a non-hostile NPC, a bond develops between you. Choose one boon and the GM will choose a cost. If you have more than one relationship at a time, the GM will choose an additional cost for each of them.


    Setup a meeting with an NPC

    Lend you some gold

    Get some valuable information

    Grant access to some place



    Promise of adventure



    When you end a relationship, roll+CHA. On a 10+, it’s mutual with no hard feelings. On a 7-9, they hold a grudge that might just bite you later. On a 6-, you’ll regret the day you broke their heart.

  2. Chris Stone-Bush

    Sometimes, you’re not in great situation to have someone blow up in your face right this minute. This move gives you the option to deal with it now or put it off for later. (Coincidentally I AM from the American midwest.)

    Maybe I should give the option a specific grace period like “They’ll leave you alone at least until the next time you Make Camp” or something.

  3. Alternatively, the resentment reemerges at the most inconvenient time and place…repeatedly. 

    “So, you want me to save you from being mauled by that were-bear? What about the time you mauled my heart…sniff!”

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