3 thoughts on “Just made this map for my DW roll20 campaign later today. It’s really getting intense :)”

  1. Okay. So this is a battlefield map of what’s going on right now. Barbarian hordes from the newrock plains have invaded from the east in an attempt to gain a foothold in the Talasian mountain range. Barbarians with armor, cavalry, battering rams, and spell-casting. Their first target was Icador, the hero’s starting  town and a fairly hostile fringe town made up of entirely humans. Even though they returned late from the mountains, it seems that somehow Icador is holding and has changed from a sprawling farm town into a small wooden fort protected by some strange green magic bubble shield. They arrive at the scene, and Norken the Immolator splits from the party to light up the grass with strange hot fire. He succeeds, wiping out 100s of barbarians in the process and scorching the land (blackish area), but is sorrounded by the hordes on a ledge. His companions headed west to the river that runs through the valley and witnessed from a far as they tried to figure out what to do and how they can distract or destroy the barbarians below. Many of them are determined to rescue the survivors from the town of Icado, but are cut off from the town by the barbarians. The wizard eventually settles on a ritual that projects a message to the citizens of Icador on the bubble shield around the city. This next session picks up at this point: trying to figure out if they should flee and get more reinforcements (their forays with the dwarves ended bloodily), if they can bring refugees with them: and if they will ever come out from behind their wooden walls. They are farmers and craftsman after all. However, time is running out: their shield is failing and Norken is surrounded by barbarians. Norken’s time is short as it is: his body being slowly eaten away from his deal with death. What will they do now?! 

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