Hey guys

Hey guys

Hey guys,

In our most recent session, one of the players set a monster on fire. I couldn’t find any rules for this, so I just rolled after each players turn what seemed like probable damage to the thing. (The thing was a twisted mass of flesh that was largely indifferent to the pain of being burned so I rolled a 1d4).

Could’ve I have handled that better? What do you guys do when somebody uses fire?


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  1. I’d have handled it a little more narratively than that. On fire? Run from source and try to dowse self or put flames out some other way? Feeling particularly psychotic? Try to set others on fire with self.

    But remember, flesh melting stinks, and makes you go into shock and pass out pretty quickly.

  2. The ranger used an oil lamp to cover the thing in oil and then set it alight with a torch. It took some doing, since he had to pry the thing from the wall as the monster came at him, so I didn’t just want to say that the fire was shrugged off.

  3. I probably should have gone with, “The creature is distracted as it tries to put itself out. Fighter, you’ve got the perfect opening, what do you do?” Retrospect is a wonderful thing.

  4. Well if it is indifferent of fire, don’t take HP. Just describe the blazing monster, acting as if it was not on fire.

    But don’t forget to apply things that goes with fiction, if the creature as eyes/sensory organs and they are not fully fireproof, blazeproof or smokeproof , it will have an hardier time to sense, target and affect your players.

    So putting the monster on fire as not kill it but can open new opportunities

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