Thought I would share two major npcs from my game with the group.

Thought I would share two major npcs from my game with the group.

Thought I would share two major npcs from my game with the group. They started out as names and a profession but as the sessions have gone on they have developed personalities and abilities. They are both mostly following Worthington (a PC) but as both have come to realize he doesn’t make a good leader or care about them, they are about ready to go on their own way.

Jocat: Female Dwarf, Sage+1

HP 10,AR 0,DAM 1D3 (Crude Dagger)

Knack: Hidden Knowledge Instincts: To raise dragons

This cheerful lady has hooded brown eyes that are like two discs of wood. Her luxurious, straight, brown hair is shoulder-length and is worn in a simple, businesslike style. She is very short and has a feminine build. Her skin is tanned. She has a large mouth. Her wardrobe consists of a woven thick cloth robe, dark brown in color. . Jocat does not see herself as a fighter and will not put herself in danger unless ordered to or to protect Worthington. She is a follower of the UnNamed God.

Her dream visit of the UnNamed God gifted her with the ability to comprehend almost any language or code.

Roll 2d6+1, on 12+ instantly understand, on 10 pick one, 9-7 pick two, 6- must study the language for 1d10 hours to try again. Picks are:

Unable to understand spoken or written (pick one) version of language,

Can only understand 1d10x10% of what is written or spoken,

Slow comperhension takes 1d4 times as long to understand.

Baldwin: Male Human, Warrior+1

HP 12,AR 1,DAM 1D6+1 (Reforged Black Metal Great Sword)

Knack: WoodWorking Instincts: Spill blood

This man reminds you of an enraged bear. He has hooded eyes the color of the afternoon sky. His silky, wavy, sand-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a mysterious hood. He is short and has a wide-chested build. His skin is white. He has an upturned nose and nearly-nonexistent eyebrows. His wardrobe is unconventional, with a lot of red. He is wearing crudely made leather armor. Baldwin thinks he is a powerful warrior and will charge into danger unthinkingly. He is a follower of the UnNamed God.

The weapon he is using now is a reforged blade from an old pirate trap. It looks blackened and rusty but dangerous. He has been told this blade will be reforged once more…

His dream visit of the UnNamed God gifted him with several battle cries.. he may use only 1 per battle scene and they last till the fight is over. Also he must scream his battle cry as loud as possible.

Battle Cry Effect

BY GOD’S LIGHT! His weapon glows brightly, illuminating the area 10 meters around him. This can also be used out of battles (lasts 30mins, off at will).

YOUR EVIL SHALL BE PURGED!! His weapon does +1d3 damage, +1d4 vs undead. (lasts 2d6 rounds).

VENGENANCE FLOWS FROM MY VEINS!! He heals for 1d3 and then +1 for the next 2d6 rounds.

KNOW GOD’S RETRIBUTION!! All hostile monsters within the sound of his voice (10meters around him) take 1d3 flame or ice damge. (lasts one round)