Ok, here’s the thing.

Ok, here’s the thing.

Ok, here’s the thing. I’m going to run a one shot on saturday. I do have some vague ideas, as it should be, but what I need now is inspiration. I usually get that by going out in the internet and looking for a lot of visual material. Now I have a little less time than usual, though, so I’m asking you!

It will most probably be set in some kind of “Roman Empire” fantasy, so everything (landscapes, cities, battle scenes, characters and creature concepts) with a fantasy touch from the Roman/Mediterranean area and imaginery would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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  1. Do a search for “Heiropolis” and “Pammukale”. A entire cliff covered in gleaming white calcite deposits and watery pools cascading down the side, with ~7 km of Roman ruins at the top.

    The most striking place I’ve ever been.

  2. Wiki Pompeii. There is some fantastic and terrible imagery to use there.

    Beyond that, though, think about reading some Greek and Roman myths and maybe branch out to other cultures of the same period. Mediterranean cultures interacted a lot but if this isn’t in the real world check out what the Aztecs were doing, or the Druids of Britain, Mongols of China, etc.

  3. Hey, no problem! Magic cards are a pretty good inspiration for any kind of fantasy art, really, due to sheer volume of art, diversity of artists, etc.

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