3 thoughts on “A question about daggers:”

  1. I could see it. Otherwise, unless I’m mistaken, there really isn’t all that much difference between a fist and a knife, mechanically speaking.

  2. Never really considered this possibility in my games, however now that I think about it I see no real reason to give a dagger precise unless, as Tim Franzke​ mentioned it was something like a stiletto. The reason I say this is I find that dagger users are 9/10 times thieves, who get to go +dex to backstabbing even with a non-precise weapon (provided it has the hand tag). Aldo to adress a mechanical difference with bare fists, poison application ad well as effectiveness on different targets and possible failure results are all things that change in the transition. However I will say, if you’ve got someone up in close combat and they can describe how they are going about being precise with a dagger, I’d totally add the tag for their attacks, fiction first!

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